Yoga for Menstrual Cramps/Alleviate and Purify

This Yogea practice blends asana, mudra and pranayama and is especially designed to relieve and reduce pain caused by pre-menstrual or menstrual cramping. Lower belly breathing strengthens the abdominals rectus, releasing clotting and increasing vaginal muscle tone. Pelvic floor stretches in frog pose release the flow while aiding the engaging of “Mula Banda” — the Earth seal. Seated butterfly positions are integrated with receptivity inducing “Yoni Mudra” to relax the tightness of the uterus. Pelvic contractions catalyze the first and second chakras, creating an open portal for re-directing downward flow. Trigger point activation is used while opening the hip flexors to stimulate the sexual glands and regulate the high hormone levels during menstruation. Supine forward bends and back bends strengthen the mid back and hips. Focused tapping into the navel speeds up detoxification and restores the vital flow.


I hope that this practice is helpful.

Peace, love and blessings,


Power Yoga in Paradise with Paula Liebe

Namaste and good morning friends.  I hope that you all had a beautiful, peaceful and blissful weekend!  Today’s practice is a Power Yoga sequence with Paula Liebe that is suitable for all levels.

Recorded at breathtaking locations in the Mayan Riviera, the Caribbean coast of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, Paula Liebe offers you an inspiring hour-long guided yoga practice suitable for all levels. This ancient Vinyasa Flow Yoga, where breath and movement are connected into one continuous dynamic sequence, will make you feel like you had a one-on-one private class in the lush and exotic Caribbean.

May you enjoy your practice.

Peace, love, blessings,


Beautiful Sunday Yin Yoga

Namaste and good morning friends.  I hope that you are having a peaceful and blissful Easter Day!  This Yin Yoga practice by Peace Flow Yoga is most beautiful and relaxing.  If you  practice Yang Yoga all the time, there is a tendency to forget about those deep connective tissues that also are looking for some tender loving care.  This is where Yin Yoga comes into play.  Yin Yoga is where you hold the postures for  3-5 minutes.  It is a time to stretch those areas that we may not think about, like the hips which hold all our emotions and sometimes need to relax and stretch the most.  As you are holding each posture, you also let go of the mind and remain as still as possible, not needing to do any work.

If this is your first time practicing Yin Yoga, listen to your body.   If you are not able to stay in the postures for as long as it is required in this practice, take a rest in child’s pose or easy pose whenever your body is telling you to.

Remember:  Yoga is for healing and not practiced to bring pain.

Peace, love and blessings,


Kundalini Yoga with Sukhmandir Singh

This is a beautiful practice that reminds us all that we are  connected and one with the universe.  Here to love, serve and be compassionate to all beings.   Sukhmandir lets you be you and practice in the way you are most comfortable, so you have an enjoyable and healing experience.    This is an hour where you just take time to be present with where you are right now, nothing you did before the class or what you do after matters, so just let it go.    Relax, breathe and enjoy you, because you are loved just as you are.

May your weekend be filled with peace, love and bliss!  Sat Nam, Tammy

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

Good morning friends.   What a beautiful day!  Today’s practice is a gentle vinyasa flow that is not only for the beginner, but for those who have been practicing for some time.  We all should come back to the vinyasa basic flow now and again to realign and re-balance our whole body system.   Even though this is a gentle vinyasa, if at any time you need to take a rest, please be kind and respect your body’s wishes.

I hope that you enjoy this practice as well as your day!

Peace, love, light,


Complete Beginners Morning Yoga for Energy/Sun Salutation Flow

It is a beautiful Sunday and I hope that you are all enjoying this time to take in the essence of life, visiting with family and friends and being happy!

This is a short Yoga workout for complete beginners.  So if you need a little energy to rise and shine this morning, join in this practice.

May your day be filled with peace, love and bliss!  Namaste, Tammy

Kundalini Yoga/ Master Your Domain with Anne Novak


Physical and mental tension cause stagnation in the body.  Metabolic waste products and toxins build up and this compromises our health and energy levels.  This Kriya releases deep tension in your body so that circulation can move, flushing out the toxins and bringing in nutrients to all the cells.  This in turn gives you tremendous energy to face life’s challenges with grace and  joy  and to fearlessly focus on fulfilling your life’s dreams, your purpose, your mission.

Enjoy this practice!  May your weekend be filled with peace, love, and light.  Sat Nam, Tammy