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Yoga for Stress Relief: Yin and Yang is a class for everyone. Just in time for the holiday season to help us let go of stress. This can be a difficult time of year for many. This class starts with a “Yang” practice which heats up the body. Yang is associated with heat and light. It is male-dominated energy according to Chinese philosophy. Much of our world seems to be Yang dominant. Where I live in Southern California, there is so much Yang energy. A lot of competition to succeed…to “keep up with the Joneses” and to work, work, work. This creates stress for many. Our bodies spend way too much time in the “fight or flight” mode which wreaks havoc on our physical and emotional systems. Yin is the feminine passive energy associated with cold and darkness. It is a calming energy that allows us to relax and renew ourselves. Yin is as important as Yang and we need both in order to find balance in our lives and in our bodies and minds.

I highly recommend reading “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. It’s a wonderful “hero’s journey” that describes the importance of following your heart’s desire, or dream, or “Personal Legend.” It’s so important to follow your heart to find your “Dharma” or what you were meant to do with your life. By following this, we all add love to the world.
To check out “The Alchemist” on Amazon: Thank you for your support!! ūüôā


Yogea Tapping Practice/Stimulate and Pacify


This simple Yogea tapping routine integrates different ways of acu-pressure point activation and will leave you energized, lucid, relieved, confident and serene. It offers a tool kit to effectively calm or soothe yourself emotionally, mentally and/or physically. The practice starts with simple tools to activate the personal bio-magnetic field and generate warmth in the hands, palms and finger tips. The drumming then takes you on a journey throughout the entire body commencing with the breast bone to stimulate the thymus gland and boost the immunity, moving through the neck, face, back of the head, solar plexus, lower abdomen and the groins legs to promote vitality and facilitate emotional release. It even extends into “percussing” the ground and tuning your frequency with the geomantic vibration of the Earth. The tapping further travels to the heels and buttocks in reclining positions as you activate the chakra system and open up the main meridians to channel life force.


May your day be filled with peace, love and bliss.




PDP_1736The Sanskrit word Manipura is broken down into mani (jewel) pura (place, city). Manipura is the third chakra residing in the naval center. It is said that jewels reside here, jewels representing fire, power, self-confidence, self-esteem and transformation.

The desire to live in one’s true power can be exhilarating, but scary and intimidating at the same time. Fear has many affects on our mind, body, and spirit. It can hold us back from living the life we truly want if we let it. Ask yourself: what would I do if I wasn’t afraid? What makes me truly happy? Are my thoughts for me or against me? Do I have the courage to get what I want?

This fire meditation will help you connect with your true desires and strengths. Take a comfortable seat. Cup your left hand and make a fist with your right hand. Place your right fist in your left open palm and extend your…

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Breathing Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

Namaste and good morning friends and yogis everywhere! ¬†Welcome to a beautiful Tuesday! ¬†Today I would like to share a short Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners practice with you. ¬†If you are new to yoga, please listen to your body and honor yourself when you need to take a break. ¬† ¬†At any time you find it difficult to breathe during your practice, stop and come into child’s pose. ¬†Never sacrifice your breath for the posture.

Enjoy and may your day be filled with peace, love and bliss!  ~Tammy

Ashtanga Yoga: Free Breathing with David Garrigues

Namaste friends and yogis!  Today I would like to share this informative video about breath with David Garrigues.  The exploration of the different qualities of breathing.  Enjoy!


Ashtanga Yoga 15-20 Minute Home Practice

Namaste friends! ¬† Just recently started really practicing and studying Ashtanga Yoga and have found a true home for my mind, body and spirit. ¬† So, today, would like to share just a short Ashtanga practice with you. ¬†You may be practicing Ashtanga already, but this is great for anyone who has a limited amount of time. ¬† If you are just beginning your Ashtanga journey, then please take it slow and listen to your body when you need to take a rest. ¬†(Resting poses can be downward facing dog or child’s pose).

Peace, love and light!  Tammy

Evening Yoga Routine/Bedtime or Meditation Preparation

Namaste dear friends!  Hope that your Holiday was spectacular and that the New Year will bring you much peace, love, bliss and blessings.

It is Sunday and for most of us a time to rest, relax and renew the mind, body and spirit.  So, I would like to share this beautiful video by Willow Tree Roots.  Hope that you enjoy!

Peace, love, bliss!  May your day be filled with happiness!  Namaste~Tammy

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